BitTorrent Version Free

A popular torrent files sharing software program

BitTorrent is one of the world's most popular file sharing software programs, and uTorrent's twin sister. These two are genetically identical but still divide the world into two rival camps which passionately (but not wisely) argue about which one is the best file sharing software program.
What is a file sharing program?
Very few fully realize what a file sharing software program can do. Since BitTorrent is, as it seems, the leading file sharing software program, this is a good opportunity to talk a little about the technology itself and about what it has to offer you beyond illegal movie downloading (we really encourage users to refrain from doing so).
Imagine, if you would, you wanting to share your video clips collection with friends and family. A file sharing software program will enable you to transform your media files (or any other file) into a torrent file, which can be found by torrent software programs, such as BitTorrent. Then, you can ask friends to locate the file and download it to their own PC. It's a convenient way to share content of your own creation with the rest of the world.
Downloading movies and songs off the Internet
In practice, these software programs are mainly used for the illegal downloading of movies off the Internet. Most BitTorrent users use portals to find new songs or movies and then add the torrent file they've found to the software program which begins downloading it in accordance with its place in line. In most cases, once you've downloaded the file to your PC, you turn from being a downloader into being a sharer, allowing other users access to this specific file on your PC and facilitating their download process.
Is using BitTorrent safe?
As a matter of fact it's more risky than you might care to consider. In most countries, you won't be presented with a law suit, as it will be hard to prove that you've downloaded a movie rather than have received it from a friend. However, in some countries, legal procedures are escalating, and those who download movies may soon find the police at their doorsteps. Therefore, you'd be well advised to refrain from using these software programs in countries you're visiting or in countries which rules you're unfamiliar with. In the USA by itself, hundreds of thousands of people have already been sued for downloading torrents.
Why installing BitTorrent is advisable?
In spite of all aforementioned warnings and scares, the software program itself violates no copyright rules, and it's actually a great software program for sharing torrent files. It sports a pleasant and convenient interface, it doesn’t take too much storage space, and it effectively manages files downloading and sharing. Unlike aggressive competitors, it will not turn your computer into an ad machine, and you'll be able to easily uninstall it should you decide to do so.
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